Download Page for 2008 TRB ADC40 Summer Meeting Presentation Files

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TRB Summer 2008 Presenation
Presentation 02. Effect of State Highway Agency Noise Policies on Noise Programs
Kenneth Avery, Bergmann associates
Presentation 03. Second Generation Thin Layer Surfacings for Urban Roads
Hans Bendtsen, Danish Road Institute
Presentation 04. Tire/Pavement Noise Characteristics of Wearing Course Asphalt Mixtures
Krishna Biligiri, ASU, Dr. Kamil Kaloush, ASU, Ali Zareh, ADOT, George Way, RPA/RTERF, Douglas Carlson RPA
Presentation 05. Bird Deterrent Marking on Transparent Noise Barrier Panels
Nathan Binette, Evonik Industries
Presentation 06. A New Environmental Guide for Noise
Chris Blaney, Ministry of Transportation, Ontario
Presentation 07. Highway Traffic Noise Lawsuits Against The State of California
David Buehler, ICF Jones&Stokes
Presentation 08. A Comprehensive Plan for A Multi-Modal Noise and Emissions Model
Thomas Connor
Presentation 09. Comparing Alternatives and Neutralizing Squeaky Wheels on a Major Urban Project
Karel Cubick, MS Consultant Inc.
Presentation 10. Correlation of OBSI, CPB, and SPB:NCHRP 1-44
Paul Donavan, Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc., Dana Lodico, ICF Jones&Stokes
Presentation 11. Vertical Distribution of Truck Noise Sources
Paul Donavan, Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc., Dana Lodico, ICF Jones&Stokes
Presentation 12. Status of Current FHWA Noise Activities
Mark Ferroni, FHWA Noise Team Leader
Presentation 13. Sound Insulation Measurmenets for Buildings Near Airports
John Freytag, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, Inc, Eugene Reindel, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, Inc
Presentation 14. Effect of Stone-Column Piling on Interstate Freeway I-5/I=805 Widening Project
Areg Gharabegian, Parsons
Presentation 15. Elevated Transit Noise Assessment in an Urban Environment - Case Study Honolulu highway Capacity Transit
Kevin Keller, PB americas
Presentation 16. Road Surfacing Noise Performance Over Time
Jorgen Kragh, Danish Road Institute
Presentation 17. Construction Noise Mitigation Options Associated with the Upgrading of Doyle Drive (US101) in San Fransisco County, California
Win Lindeman, Environmental Science Associates
Presentation 18. Effect of Test Parameter on OBSI Measurments
Dana Lodico, ICF Jones&Stokes, Paul Donavan, Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 19. Proposed Site Compatibility Noise Assessment for an Exisiting Multi-Modal Environment in the City of New York
Martin Meyer, The Louis Berger Group Inc.
Presentation 20. Los Angeles Metro Orange Line BRT Noise Emissions Evaluation
Ray Nugent, Acentech Inc., Matthew McDuffee, Acentech Inc., Carl Ripaldi, Los Angeles MTA
Presentation 21. An Integrated Approach to Road Noise: Measuring and Understanding
Ken Polcak, Maryland SHA, RafDouglas Tommasi, Tommasi&Tommasi America LLC TTA, Inc.
Presentation 22. Florida Turnpike Enterprise Reflected Noise Reaction Vs. Reality
John Post, Florida Turnpike Enterprise
Presentation 23. High Friction Surface and Other Innovative Pavement Surface Treatments for Reduced Highway Noise
Bebe Resendez, The Transtec Group, Inc.
Presentation 24. Permitting Bridge Repair/Replacement Projects with Respect to Standards Protecting Fish from Underwater Sound Injuries
James Reyff, Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 25. Volpe Center Research and Activities Update
Judith Rochat and Aaron Hastings, US DOT / Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Presentation 26. Using Vibration Propagation Testing to Predict Ground Vibration: Procedures for Obtaining Valid Data Under Unfavorable Field Conditions
Shankar Rajaram and Zack Dennis, ATS Consulting
Presentation 27. The Possible Cosmological Implications of Certain Environmental Noise Measurmenets
Michael A. Staiano, Staiano Engineering, Inc.
Presentation 28. Type II Noise Barrier Costs and Policy Implications in New York
Joseph Van Kerhove, Bergmann associates
Presentation 29. OBSI: The Floida Experience
Roger Wayson, US DOT / Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, John MacDonald, John MacDoland LLC, Mariano Berrios, FDOT