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TRB Summer 2010 Presenation
TRB ADC40 Meeting Minutes Denver Summer 2010
Judy Rochat, TRB ADC40 Chair
Presentation 01. On Reflective and Non-Reflective Noise Highway Barriers
Richard Peppin, Scantek Inc.
Presentation 02. Reflection from Highway Noise Barriers and the Use of Absorptive Materials in the US
Chris Menge and Douglas Barrett, HMMH Inc.
Presentation 03. Acoustical Performance of T-top Barrier Design on Co 93
Dana Lodico, Lodico Acoustics, LLC
Presentation 04. Outreach for Local Communities for Noise Planning
Ken Avery, Bergmann Associates and Cora Helm, MDOT
Presentation 05. Planning and Pitfalls of Noise Wall Implementation
Jill Schlafer, CDOT
Presentation 06. FHWA Updates
Mark Ferroni, FHWA
Presentation 07. FHWA's TNM3.0 Status
Aaron Hastings, Volpe Center Acoustics Facility
Presentation 08. The Old, the New and the Porous
Paul Donovan, Illingworth&Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 09. Pavements Effects in TNM and Temperature Corrections for Noise Measurement
Judith Rochat, Volpe Center Acoustics Facility
Presentation 10. Evaluation of the Traffic Noise Model for Random Transverse Grooved Concrete Pavement in Ohio
LLyod Herman, Ohio State University
Presentation 11. On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) Meansurements for NJDOT Noise complaints
John Hencken, Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transpotation
Presentation 12. Ageing, Deterioration and Longevity of Low noise Pavements
Ulf sandberg, Swedish National Road Institute
Presentation 13. Draw Bridge Horn Noise Measurements
Dana Lodico, Lodico Acoustics, LLC
Presentation 14. On Noise Estimation for stationary sources
Richard Peppin, Scantek Inc.
Presentation 15. Meteorological Influence on Highway Noise Barrier Performance, A case Study
Paul Burge, URS
Presentation 16. Highway Traffic Noise Control - Town v. country -
Michael Staiano, Staiano Engineering Inc.
Presentation 17. Highway Noise Policy and Efforts in Support of Noise-compatible Land Use:The Maryland Experience
Ken Poclak, MDSHA
Presentation 18. Simulation Model Generated Supplemental Metrics
Bruce Ikelheimer, Blue Ridge Research and Consulting
Presentation 19. A Way to Measure Aircraft Noise, to Discriminate Among Ground and Air Sources, and to Identify Wind Generated Noise
Richard Peppin, Scantek Inc.
Presentation 20. Port Columbus International Airport Southwest Berm/Wall Design study
Douglas Barrett, HMMH Inc.
Presentation 21. Examining Rail roughness Data to Reduce Noise
shannon McKenna and Any Wong, ATS Consulting
Presentation 22. Noise Evaluation Challenges for High Speed Train Projects
Ray Nugent, Acetench Inc.
Presentation 23. Evaluation of the Ground-Borne Vibration Reduction Properties of Tire Derived Aggregate on the Denver RTD Light Rail System
David towers, HMMH Inc.
Presentation 24.Noise and Vibration control for T-Rex Project
Areg Gharabegian, Parsons
Presentation 25. Quiet Pavements a Mile High
Robert Rasmussen, The Transtec Group
Presentation 26. Quieter Pavements in Washington State
Tim sexton, WSDOT
Presentation 27. Determining the Limits of Quieter Pavement Projects
Bruce Rymer, Caltrans and Paul Donovan, Illingworth&Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 28. Baltimore Grand Prix Race Noise Study
Chris Menge, HMMH Inc.
Presentation 29. Constrcution Action Area Tools
Larry Magnoni, WSDOT