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TRB Summer 2012 Presenation
Presentation 01. FHWA Update
Mark Ferroni, FHWA
Presentation 02. Comparison of Sound Propogation Approaches: ISO 9613 v. An Advanced Calculation Method
Rich Peppin, Scantek Inc.
Presentation 03. Validation to 1.7 dB(A) - Cutting Tolerances in Half
Joe Rauseo, NCDOT
Presentation 04. Supplemental Guidance on the Application of FHWA's TNM
Chris Menge, HMMH, Inc.
Presentation 05. The Automated TNM Sensitivity Tool
Grant Anderson
Presentation 06. On Some Discussions About the Make-up and Use of Acoustic Arrays
Rich Peppin, Scantek Inc.
Presentation 07. One of the Barriers to Implemnting off-Hour Deliveries in Urban Areas
Jeffrey Wojtowicz, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Presentation 08. Australian/New Zealand Governments's Response to Truck Compression Brake Noise
James McIntosh, Vicroads
Presentation 09. Ohio's Noise Wall Maintenance/Replacement Experience
Noel Alcala, ODOT
Presentation 10. National and International Experience with Green Noise Barriers
Karel Cubik, MS Consultants
Presentation 11. Ohio's Green Noise Wall-Construction and Evaluation
Karel Cubik, MS Consultants
Presentation 12. Architectural Design of Freeway Noise Barriers in Victroia, Australia
James McIntosh, Vicroads
Presentation 13. Possible Benefits of Sound Absorptive Highway Shoulders
Mike Staiano, Staiano Engineering, Inc.
Presentation 14. German Regulation for Noise Barriers on High Speed Railways
Nathan Binette, Evonik
Presentation 15. LRT Noise and Vibration Evaluation
Ray Nugent, Acentech
Presentation 16. Streetcars vs. Light Rail Transit: A Comparison of Noise and Vibration Levels
Shannon McKenna, ATS Consulting, Inc.
Presentation 17. Railroad and Highway Noise at a Multi-Modal Facility
Karel Cubik, MS Consultants
Presentation 18. Treatments at the Wheel/Rail Interface to Reduce Rail transit Noise
Hugh Saurenman, ATS Consulting, Inc
Presentation 19. Comparison of the Northwest Corridor Project Noise Analysis Completed under the 2005 GDOT v the 2011 FHWA Noise Policy
Gabriella Yanez-Uribe, PB
Presentation 20. Revised Methodologies and Positive Results of Smoothed Acoustic Profile Assessment
Joe Rauseo, NCDOT
Presentation 21. Using OBSI Measurments to Validate TNM Calibration factors
Dana Lodico, Lodico Acoustics, LLC
Presentation 22. Barriers and Quieter Pavement Together: Methodologies for Evaluating Both
Paul Donovan, Illingworth&Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 23. Motorcycle Noise and Quieter Pavement Research in Recreational Area
Judith Rochat, Volpe Center
Presentation 24. Tire/Pavement Temprature Measurements and OBSI
John Hencken, Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation
Presentation 25. Sonic Boom Structural Response Simulation of an Historic Structure
Micah Downing, Blue Ridge Research and Consulting
Presentation 26. Reminiscing
Harvey Knauer, Environmental Acoustics, Inc.
Presentation 27. The Influence of Quieter Pavement and Absorptive Barriers on Community Traffic Noise Levels along the US Highway 101 Widening Project in Marin County
Paul Donovan, Illingworth&Rodkin, Inc.
Presentation 28. The Newly Revised NHI Highway Traffic Noise Course and Related Web-based Training
Bill Bowlby, Bowlby&Associates, Inc.
Presentation 29. Application of The Design/Build Process in highway Noise Abatement: Getting What you Want
Ken Polcak, SHA
Presentation 30. NCDOT Public Outreach Efforts Related to Traffic Noise
Gregory Smith and Drew Joyner, NCDOT
Presentation 31. Traffic Noise Analyses Screening Methodology for the Raleigh to Richmond Portion of the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor
Kristina Solberg and Gregory Smith, NCDOT
Presentation 32. Noise Barrier Rehabilitation Program
Tom Hanf, Michigan DOT
Presentation 33. Public Involvement
Tom Hanf, Michigan DOT