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TRB Summer 2014 Presenation

NCHRP Supplemental Guidance on Application of TNM: Monday, July 21, 2014, 8:15 a.m. To 10:10 a.m.
Chair: Paul Burge, URS

Presentation 01. Supplemental Guidance on Application of TNM Topography, Ground Zones, Tree Zones and Atmospherics
Chris Menge, HMMH
Presentation 02. Supplemental Guidance for Modeling Building Rows and Parallel Barriers
Bill Bowlby, Geoff Pratt, Bowlby & Associates Inc.
Presentation 03. Supplemental Guidance for Modeling Structure-Reflected Noise and Expansion Joint Noise
Harvey Knauer, Ahmed El-Aassar, Environmental Acoustics
Presentation 04. Supplemental Guidance for Modeling Area Sources
Doug Barrett, Sanchez Industrial Design, Inc.
Presentation 05. Supplemental Guidance for Modeling Tunnel Openings
Chris Bajdek,HMMH

FHWA Update and Community Noise: Monday, July 21, 2014, 10:30 a.m. To 12:00 p.m.
Chair: Greg Smith, NCDOT

Presentation 01. Supplemental Guidance on Modeling Signalized Interchanges, Intersections and Roundabouts
Bill Bowlby, Geoff Pratt, Bowlby & Associates Inc.
Presentation 02. Supplemental Guidance for Modeling Median Barriers and Multi-Lane Highways
Ahmed El-Aassar, Harvey Knauer, Environmental Acoustics
Presentation 03. FHWA Update
Mark Ferroni, FHWA
Presentation 04. The Effect of Transportation Noise on People – The Current State of Research
Jim Cowan, URS Corporation
Presentation 05. Modeling Community Noise Impacts for Spacecraft Supplemental Guidance Operations
Micah Downing, Blue Ridge Research and Consulting, LLC

Tire/highway Traffic Noise: Monday, July 21, 2014, 13:00 p.m. To 15:10 p.m.
Chair: John Jaeckel, HNTB

Presentation 01. An Alternative Method for Establishing A Noise Barrier Acoustic Profile
Kristin Fusco Rowe, Wallace Montgomery, Ken Polcak, MDSHA
Presentation 02. Studying the Sound Produced by Rumble Strips
Adam Buck, HDR, Inc
Presentation 03. Construction Noise Monitoring for the Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge Replacement
Bill Bowlby, Clay Payton, Bowlby & Associates Inc., Doug Barrett, Gonzalo Sanchez, Sanchez Industrial Design Inc.
Presentation 04. WSDOT Noise Screening and Scoping GIS Layer
Larry Magnoni, WSDOT
Presentation 05.Lessons Learned from NHI Highway Traffic Noise Course
Cassandra Torstenson, NDDOT

Community Noise: Monday, July 21, 2014, 15:30 p.m. To 16:50 p.m.
Chair:Michael Mullbarger, ESA

Presentation 01. Effect of Truck Noise from Natural Gas Development of Greater Sage-Grouse
Jason Volk, ICF International
Presentation 02. Lightweight Noise Barrier on Bridge Structure on IH-30 in Dallas, TX
Manuel Trevino, UT Austin, TX
Presentation 03. Acoustical Insulations for Residential Buildings
Areg Gharbeghian, Parsons
Presentation 04. Issues and Recommendations for Construction Vibration Monitoring
Paul Burge, URS, David Buehler, ICF International

Rail Noise and Vibration: Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 13:00 p.m. To 14:40 p.m.
Chair: Jason Ross, HMMH

Presentation 01. Utilization of Improved Technologies to Streamline Rail Transit Noise Analyses
Joe Rauseo, RK&K
Presentation 02. Overview of Measured Effects of Mitigation for Light Rail Transit Systems
Shannon McKenna, ATS Consulting
Presentation 03. Transportation Vibration Induced by Roadway Irregularities
Tony Evans, ATS Consulting
Presentation 04. Mitigation of Noise at Rail Transit Maintenance Facilities by the Use of Enclosures
Tim Johnson, HMMH
Presentation 05. Challenges for Predicting Vibration for Below Grade Trackways
Andy Wong, ATS Consulting

Rail Noise Analysis and Quiet Pavement: Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 14:40 p.m. To 17:00 p.m.
Chair: Ahmed El-Aassar, Enviromental Acoustics

Presentation 01. Red Line Approach to FTA Noise and Vibration Assessment Methodology
Raymond Moravec, Wallace Montgomery, Tom Herzog, AECOM
Presentation 02. Illinois DOT CREATE 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project, EIS Noise Analysis, Chicago IL
Kim Glinkin, Jacobs
Presentation 03. Using the Ground to Reduce Transportation Noise
Judy Rochat, ATS Consulting
Presentation 04. Reduction of Vehicle Noise at Lower Speeds Due to Quieter Pavement
Paul Donovan, Illingworth and Rodkin Inc.
Presentation 05. Annual OBSI Study to Evaluate NHDOT Asphalt Pavements for District 5 Resurfacing Project
Eric Cox, HMMH, Eric Thibodeau, NHDOT
Presentation 06. Rutger’s President House – A Case Study
John Hencken, Rutgers University

DOT Research: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 8:30 a.m. To 10:30 a.m.
Chair: Dayna Bowen, Sharon Paul Carpenter, LLC

Presentation 01. What’s Behind a Design Build Noise Wall
Paul Kohler, VDOT and Josh Wilson, McCormick Taylor
Presentation 02. Virginia DOT Noise Abatement Program Policy Update
Paul Kohler, VDOT and Chris Menge, HMMH
Presentation 03. NCDOT Experiences Implementing Its 2011 Traffic Noise Abatement Policy
Greg Smith, NCDOT
Presentation 04. Auxiliary Lanes and Interchanges Ramps… When Should they be Considered Type I Projects
Mariano Berrios, FDOT
Presentation 05. Ohio Noise Research Update
Noel Alcala, ODOT