Agenda: Conference on Highway Traffic Noise, 1975

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Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Committee on Transportation-Related Noise (A1F04)
Conference on Highway Traffic Noise Prediction Methods
September 23-24, 1975
Washington, D.C.

Session I: September 23 - History and Background
Moderator, John E. Wesler, US DOT

9:00 a.m. Introduction and History of Highway Noise Prediction Models, Their Importance As a Keystone in Applying Noise Standards Harter M. Rupert, FHWA
Recent DOT Study Evaluating NCHRP 117 and TSC Prediction Methods Robert H. Hinckley, TSC

Session II: September 23 - NCHRP Project 3-7/3 Results
Moderator, Grant S. Anderson

1:00 p.m. Experimental Data Supporting the Revised Design Guide B. Andrew Kugler, Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc.
Detailed Differences Between the Revised Design Guide and the Two Authorized Methods Grant S. Anderson, Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc.

Session III: September 24 - User Problem Areas
Moderator, Dr. Stanley E. Dunn

9:00 a.m. Traffic Noise models -- How They Are Used, How Well They Work and Why Walt Winter, California DOT
Application and Findings of the TSC Noise Prediction Methodology Terry Hatcher and Pat Strong, North Carolina Department of Transportation and Highway Safety
Minnesota's Experience with Highway Noise Prediction Ron Canner, Minnesota Department of Highways

Session IV: September 24 - Future Directions
Moderator, Louis F. Cohn

Ontario Highway Noise Prediction Method J. J. Hajek, Ontario, Ministry of Transportation & Communication
An Analysis of Current and Newly Developed Prediction Methods Louis F. Cohn, New York Department of Transportation
Long Island Expressway Environmental Study -- Definitive Date for Noise Analysis and Prediction William McColl, New York Department of Transportation