Agenda: 55th Annual Meeting, 1976

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Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Committee on Transportation-Related Noise (A1F04)
55th Annual Meeting
January 20, 1976
Washington, D.C.

Session #43 of the 55th Annual TRB Meeting, Noise Impact Analysis,
held on the morning of January 20, 1976, included four presentations:

Examination of Some Implicit Assumptions of Noise Impact Analysis Techniques A formal paper by Fred L. Hall and S. Martin Taylor, McMaster University, delivered by Fred Hall
Japanese Experience with Noise and Other Transportation Impacts A tape-slide presentation prepared by Teruki Kitamura and Yasumasa Torii, Japan Highway Public Corporation
Highway Noise Planning Models Used in Europe An informal paper by Tim Barry, FHWA
European Experiences in Mitigation and Abatement of Highway Noise An informal paper by Fred Behrens, FHWA

Approximately 75 people attended this session.

During the Annual Meeting, the committee jointly sponsored 2 technical sessions.

The first,
Control of Construction Equipment Noise, Session 81,
included the following presentations:

Contractor's Problems in Controlling Equipment Noise Raymond R. Crowe, American Road and Transportation Builders Association
Case History of Controlling Asphalt Plant Noise Fred Kloiber, National Asphalt Paving Association
How a Major Manufacturer Designs Noise-Free Equipment Gerald Ritterbusch, Caterpillar Tractor Company
Construction Noise as a Part of the Overall Highway Noise Problem Tim Barry, FHWA
Position of EPA on Control of Construction Noise Arnold Konheim, U.S. EPA

The second,
Session 101, Air Quality and Noise Impact on Transportation Systems,
included 3 papers by Fred Hall, Martin Taylor, Susan Birnie, and Barbara Breston of McMaster University:

Regulatory Implications of Individual Reactions to Road Traffic Noise (also co-authored by Meric Gertler of the University of California, Berkely)
Effectiveness of Shielding in Reducing the Adverse Impacts of Highway Traffic Noise
Effect of Highway Noise on Residential Property Values

On the afternoon of January 20th, an open meeting of the Committee was held. A new film, entitled The Audible Landscape, was afforded its first public showing. This film, prepared by the FHWA, addresses the need for land-use planning near highways, as a complement to vehicle noise reduction and highway design. Mr. Ralph Berger, Department of Public Works, Toronto, Ontario, presented a tape-slide description of Toronto's noise control program. And Fred Hall described additional results from his research into noise impact analysis techniques, extending his formal paper from the morning session to include more recent findings. Approximately 20 individuals attended at least a portion of this meeting.