Agenda: Conference on Highway Traffic Noise, 1978

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Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Committee on Transportation-Related Noise (A1F04)
1978 Conference on Highway Traffic Noise Mitigation
December 11-15, 1978
Los Angeles, CA

The conference discussed noise abatement experiences and techniques that have been used successfully at the state level; it had specific emphasis on noise barrier design tools, materials, and systems and on community interaction in barrier projects.

Session I: Case Histories of State Barrier Projects
Connecticut's Highway Noise Abatement Program Joseph B. Pulaski
The Birth of a Barrier - A Case Study: I-275 in St. Petersburg, Florida Win Lindeman
Case History: Noise Abatement Project, Harbor Tunnel Thruway, Highlandtown Area, Baltimore, Maryland Eugene J. Miller, Jr.
An Overview of Highway Noise Analysis and Abatement in Massachusetts Thomas F. Wholley
Foothill Farms Noise Barriers W.R. Green

Session II: Community Interaction in Barrier Projects
Community Opinion on Barrier Aesthetics Charles B. Adams
Youngmann Highway Experimental Noise Abatement Project: Social and Attitudinal Survey William McColl
Community Attitudes, Before and After Barrier Construction Gary P. Orlich
Interaction Procedures and Problems of Getting People to Participate Oscar V. Janeway
Living with the Barrier: The Community's View Fred L. Hall

Session III: Non-Barrier Mitigation of Roadway Noise
Highway Noise Mitigation and Land Use/Zoning Strategies: Case Study - Cerritos, California Ali Soliman
Pavement Effects in Tire/Pavement Interaction Noise James M. Lawther
Compatible Land Use Near Highways Barry D. Eaton
Noise Insulation of Schools in California Walter A. Whitnack
Insulation of Buildings Against Highway Noise Louis C.Sutherland
Noise Control Through Traffic Management Jesse O. Borthwick

Session IV: New Barrier Design Tools
Some Insights into the Design of Noise Barriers Timothy M. Barry
Effective Design of Highway Noise Barriers Using the Noise Barrier Design Handbook Myles A. Simpson
The Barrier Cost Reduction Program: A New Tool to Reduce Noise Barrier Costs Grant Anderson, Edmund Cuoco, and Chris W. Menge
A Noise Barrier Parameter Study James M. Lawther and Sabih I. Hayek
Visual Quality in Noise Barrier Design Rudolph F. Blum

Session V: Barrier Materials
Sound Barrier Planning in Virginia - A Comprehensive Review and Selection Process Designed to Maximize the Performance and Social Acceptance of Highway Sound Barriers Ahmet C. Anday
The Optimum Weight of Highway Noise Barriers Daryl N. May
Survey of Barrier Materials Mas Hatano and Earl Shirley
Sound-Absorbing Barriers: Materials and Applications Chris W. Menge and Neville A. Powers

Session VI: Barrier Systems
Nevada's Experience with Highway Noise Barriers Randall C. Bowling and George E. Andrews
Noise Barrier Selection on State Highways in the San Francisco Bay Area Ron Olson, James W. Ross, Ernest Satow, and Lee Blackburn
Freeway Noise Barrier System and Local Government: Cerritos, California Ali Soliman
Caltrans Freeway Traffic Noise Abatement Program in the Los Angeles Area Frank J. Weidler
Minnesota's Experience with Noise Barrier Systems Ronald M. Canner, Jr.
Michigan's Noise Barrier Experience Winston L. Stebbins