Agenda: 65th Annual Meeting, 1986

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Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Committee on Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration (A1F04)
65th Annual Meeting
January 13-14, 1986
Washington, D.C.

Committee Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order

  2. Welcome and introduction of new members

  3. Statements by
    • Steve Blake, TRB Staff Liaison
    • Carmen Difiglio, Section Chairman

  4. Review of Minutes from January 1985 Meeting – Bill Bowlby

  5. TRB Committee Membership – Mas Hatano

  6. Reports:
      Summer 1985 Meeting Win Lindeman
      1986 Activities & Sessions Mas Hatano
      Highway Noise Update Grant Anderson, Bob Armstrong, others
      Aviation Noise Update Joe Pulaski, others
      Rail/Mass Transit Update Eric Stusnick, others

  7. Presentations:
      LR 1010, Interstate 476 Charlie Adams
      European Experiences Bill Bowlby, Al Harris, Lou Cohn
      Glass Noise Barriers Mas Hatano

  8. Discussions:
      A1F04 Summer Meeting (July 1986) Soren Pederson
      Committee Award Joe Pulaski
      Task Force on Noise Research Bill Bowlby
      Newsletter Mas Hatano
      Future Direction of Committee A1F04 Mas Hatano

  9. Announcements:
      A1F04 Awards Dinner Charlie Adams
      A1F04 Sessions
      Hospitality Rooms

Session 1: January 13, 1986 –Monday 2:00 PM, Highway and Construction Noise
Presiding Officer: Grant Anderson

Session II: January 14, 1986 – Tuesday 9:00 AM, Aircraft, Rail and Highway Noise
Presiding Officer: Joe Pulaski