Agenda: 68th Annual Meeting, 1989

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Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Committee on Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration (A1F04)
68th Annual Meeting
January 23, 1989
Washington, D.C.

Committee Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order

  2. Welcome and Introduction of members and guests

  3. Statements by:
    • Campbell Graeub, TRB Staff Liaison
    • Carmen Difiglio, Section Chairman

  4. Review of Minutes from January 11, 1988 Meeting Win Lindeman

  5. TRB Papers Mas Hatano

  6. Reports:
      Summer 1988 Meeting Mas Hatano
      1989 Activities & Sessions Mas Hatano
      Highway Noise Update Bill Bowlby & others
      Aviation Noise Update Joe Pulaski & others
      Rail/Mass Transit Noise Update Eric Stusnick & others

  7. Presentations:
      Railroad Noise Research in the U.S. Eric Stusnick
      Parallel Barrier Project (Dulles) Gregg Fleming

  8. Discussions:
      A1F02 Summer Meeting (1989) Charlie Adams
      Committee Awards Joe Pulaski
      Newsletter Mas Hatano
      Research Needs Mas Hatano

  9. Announcements:
      A1F04 Awards Dinner Charlie Adams

Session 47 Highway Noise
Presiding Officer Win Lindeman

Session 92 Airport and Rail Noise
Presiding Officer: Karen Robertson