ADC40 Annual Harter Rupert
Best Paper Award

2018 Paper Award "New Hampshire Department of Transportation statewide Noise Barrier Study", Jason Ross, Mark Arnoldy and Jonathan Evans

2017 Paper Award "Implications of Rounding in Highway Noise Analysis and Policies", Harvey Knauer

2016 Paper Award "The Development and Applications of an On-board Sound Intensity Calibrator for Tire Noise Measurement", Paul Donovan

2015 Paper Award "Evaluation of Force Density Level of Light Rail Vehicles", Shankar Rajaram and Hugh Saurenman

2014 Paper Award "The Effect of Porous Pavement on Wayside Traffic Noise Levels", Paul Donovan

2013 Paper Award "Virginia "Quieter" Pavement Demonstration Projects - Initial Function Assessment", Kevin McGhee, Edgar Izeppi, Gerardo Flintsch and Daniel Mogrovejo

2012 Paper Award "Comparison of Grazing Incidence Noise Reduction Test and Sound Absorption Test for Hot-Mix Asphalt Specimens", Tyler Dare, Wubeshet B. Woldemariam, Rebecca S. McDaniel, Jan Olek and Robert Bernhard

2011 Paper Award "Determining The End Limits of Quieter Pavement Projects", Bruce Rymer and Paul Donavan

2010 Paper Award "The Acoustic Radiation from Pavement Joint Grooves between Concrete Slabs", Paul Donovan

2009 Paper Award "Measurements of Vertical Distribution of Truck Noise Sources During HighwayCruise Passbys Using Acoustic Beam-Forming", Paul Donavan and Bruce Rymer

2008 Paper Award "Assessing the Environmental Impact of Transport Noise Using Wireless Sensor Networks", Paul McDonald, Dermot Geraghty, Ivor Humphreys and Stephen Farrell

2007 Paper Award "Using Supplemental Metris to Communicate Aircraft Noise Impacts", Mary Ellen Eagan

2006 Paper Award "Surface Retexturing to Reduce Tire-Road Noise for Existing Concrete Pavement", Llyod Herman, Jared Withers and Elvin Pinckney

2005 Paper Award "Comparison of Traffic Noise Model 2.5 with 2.1 and Measured Data", Ahmed El-Aassar, Roger Wayson and John MacDonald

2004 Paper Award "Locomotive Horn Effectiveness at Operating Speeds", Gordon English and Thomas Moore

2003 Paper Award "Acoustical Acceptance Testing of Portland International Airport Ground Run-up Enclosure", Douglas Barrett

2002 Paper Award "Using the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM) to Assess Noise Reflections Off Of the Underside of Elevated Bridge Structures ", Darlene Reiter and William Bowlby

2001 Paper Award "Comparison of Light-Rail and Bus Transit Noise Impact Estimates per FTA and APTA Criteria ", Mike Staiano

2000 Paper Award "Noise Issues of Concrete Pavement Texturing", John Jaeckel, Alex Satanovsky, David Kuemmel, Ronald Sonntag and Yosef Becker

1999 Paper Award "Placement of Sound-Absorbing Materials To Control Traffic Noise Reflections at Highway Underpass", Lloyd Herman, Srikanth Seshadri and Elvin Pinckney

1998 Paper Award "Method To Determine Reasonableness and Feasibility of Noise Abatement at Special Use Locations", Roger Wayson, John MacDonald and Winfield Lindeman

1997 Paper Award "Perception of Traffic Noise Barrier Effectiveness: Public Opinion Survey of Residents Living near I-71", Lloyd Herman, Michael A. Finney,Craig Clum and Elvin Pinckney

1996 Paper Award "Residents' Perceptions and Field Measurements of Helicopter Opearations", Panos Prerodorous and C. Papcosta

1995 Paper Award "LaGuardia Airport Ground Noise Study", Douglas Barrett and Christopher Menge

1994 Paper Award "Development of Reference Energy Mean Emission Levels for Highway Traffic Noise in Florida", Roger Wayson, Timothy Ogle and Winfield Lindeman

1993 Paper Award "Field Evaluation of Acoustical Performance of Parallel Highway Noise Barriers in California", Rudy Hendriks

1992 Paper Award "Criteria for the Design of Sound Insulation in Homes Around Commercial Airports", Eric Stusnick and John Wesler

1991 Paper Award "Predicting Stop-and-Go Traffic Noise With STAMINA 2.0", William Bowlby, Roger Wayson and Robert Stammer Jr

1990 Paper Award "Airport Noise Insulation of Homes at Stapleton Airport", Dana Hougland

1989 Paper Award "Analysis and Programs for Assessment of Absorptive and Tilted Parallel Barriers", Simon Slutsky and Henry Bertoni

1988 Paper Award "A Prediction Procedure for Rail Transportation Groundborne Noise and Vibration", James T. Nelson and Hugh Saureman

1987 Paper Award "Analyzing Noise by A-Level Duration Weighted Population Techniques", William Bowlby, Louis Cohn, and Al Harris

1986 Paper Award "California Vehicle Noise Emission Levels", Rudy Hendriks

1985 Paper Award "Noise Studies for the San Antonio "Y" Project", Grant Anderson

1983 Paper Award "Route 18 Freeway and Rutgers University Classrooms: A Unique Construction Noise Mitigation Experience", Domenick Billera and Bruce Cunningham

1982 Paper Award "Comparison of Leq (h) and Ldn as Descriptors of Highway Traffic Noise", Jerry Reagan

1981 Paper Award "Noise Barriers Adjacent to I-95", Harvey Knauer