Job Openings

Date Posted: April 21, 2018

Position: Acoustical Engineer

Location: To be Determined

Company:ATS Consulting

Job Details: ATS Consulting, is an innovative small company working to improve the performance of transit systems. We help communities by minimizing the negative impacts of noise and vibration associated with railways and highways. The field of transportation acoustics continues to grow as major cities turn towards public transit to address the transportation challenges of the modern world. ATS offers the possibility of working alongside motivated and intellectually curious coworkers while receiving direct mentorship from our senior staff. ATS gives entry-level staff the unique opportunity and responsibility of leading projects and having direct contact with clients. Working on a project from beginning to end, we learn and refine a broad set of skills while looking for the answers to challenging new questions. Current projects include several new and existing rail transit systems, developing procedures to use noise to prioritize track maintenance efforts, addressing issues from highway noise, and conducting research related to sound and vibration from roadway, rail, and aviation sources. We conduct field testing, use numerical methods including finite elements, and use applied math and physics to help answer our clients questions and find solutions that work for them. We are looking for forward thinking individuals who are interested in learning new technical areas, will enjoy working as part of a team to solve problems for our clients, and want to challenge and expand the state-of-the-art of our industry. We work internationally in the field of noise and vibration for rail transportation systems and have a strong foothold in North America where our work includes all areas of surface transportation. We have projects in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago, as well as many other major North American cities.