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FHWA Highway Noise Barrier Design Handbook
FHWA Highway Construction Noise Handbook
The Little Book of Quieter Pavements

Final Rule Amends FHWA Regulation

Published in the Federal Register is a final rule for 23 CFR Part 772, Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise.

This final rule amends the FHWA regulation that specifies the traffic noise prediction method to be used in highway traffic noise analyses. The final rule requires the use of the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM) or any other model determined by the FHWA to be consistent with the methodology of the FHWA TNM. It also updates the specific reference to acceptable highway traffic noise prediction methodology and removes references to a noise measurement report and vehicle noise emission levels that no longer need to be included in the regulation. Finally, it makes four ministerial corrections to the section on Federal participation.

The effective date for this rule is May 2, 2005. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mark Ferroni Tel: 202.366.3233.

The Triennial Noise Barrier Inventory 2005-2007

World Health Organization Report on Noise and Disease

Recently Published - Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise: Quantification of healthy life years lost in Europe

The health impacts of environmental noise are a growing concern among both the general public and policy-makers in Europe. This publication contains the summary of synthesized reviews of evidence on the relationship between environmental noise and specific health effects, including cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbance and tinnitus.